I came to Veronica for gut issues – constipation, abdominal pain and frequent bouts of indigestion. She really listened to me and helped me identify when my symptoms started. She also referred me back to my GP for some tests which showed that I am a coeliac. She gave me lots of gluten-free recipes and recommendations to help me heal my gut. Bone broth is now a staple in my family’s diet. Since meeting her, I have cleaned my diet, my energy levels are high and I no longer get the complaints I saw her for. I would recommend Evviva Nutrition because she is thorough, uses food first before supplements and takes the time to educate you on how to stay healthy.
Audra, London
It’s still early days, but I I have been doing the program that Veronica designed for me to help with eczema. I have cut out all gluten from my diet. I am currently still doing the goat milk Kefir (hard to swallow) but I am getting used to it now. I have also cut out all dairy products.

I must say I did most of it just to get the wife off my case, however the result I am getting has surprised me. The constant gas and bloating in my gut, that I used to have, have completely disappeared. The eczema on my legs have almost disappeared. I never thought I would get rid of it. I have suffered from it since childhood and have used numerous ointment and creams which never really worked. I am still getting used to not eating bread and shredded wheat in the morning but I can see this work and I will stick to it. So thanks to Veronica for starting me on this healing journey.

Matthew J , London
Veronica is a very inspiring nutritional therapist. Her advice is always attuned to your needs. She has been very helpful in making me change my bad food habits to improve my health. I have been seeing Veronica for problems related to menopause. I have been working with her for some months now and I have changed my diet in a way that is not only good for me but also fun to follow. My health has improved enormously and my mind is much clearer and focused. Thank you Veronica and Evviva Nutrition!
Elena, Ferrara
I have suffered with chronic pain and exhaustion for many years and was diagnosed with fybromyalgia and arthritis 3 years ago. Trial after trial of prescription drugs over the years has never brought any relief , if anything have added more problems with their side effects. Also the thought of having to be on strong pain killers for the rest of my life was a scary thought and what the long term effects would be added on? I wanted to try an alternative solution and went to see Veronica. When I met Veronica, she immediately made me feel at ease. She asked me many questions about my symptoms and diet. It was a relief to know somebody was talking about my symptoms in depth, as fybromyalgia is a complicated condition. I was put on a healthy diet and a combination of natural supplements. After a month I have been noticing a difference, after a couple of months I did notice a big difference in my energy levels and considerable ease from my pain, and my condition really improved. I would definetly recommend Veronica as she really helped me to undertake my path towards health.
Kim T, London
I had a session with Veronica on March 2016 and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience. I had been dealing with tiredness and candida overgrowth at the time but now I feel like a completely new person through a combination of dietary changes and supplements. I was worried going to see a nutritional therapist because I knew I was in for some dietary changes, but Veronica’s plan included a very nutritious and delicious diet which was very easy to follow. Also, the most interesting part of my experience with Veronica is that I was surprised to find out how much I had gotten wrong about my health in the past! Veronica’s personalized treatment plan pinpointed my ongoing health issues unlike any other alternative treatment plan and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone, thanks Veronica!
Lucy H, Bromley