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My passion for nutrition has its roots in my Italian origins. During my childhood, I helped out in my grandma’s allotment growing vegetables, pulses, grapes and fruit trees and raising hens for our free-range and organic eggs. Growing up and acquiring the knowledge of self-sustainment, cooking and eating homemade organic food, has given me a richness that today makes me realize how lucky I am to have learned all that in my childhood.

When I had my child 8 years ago, I was determined to give her as good a start as I had so organic nourishment, for me and my child, became the norm. I felt energised during pregnancy and when weaning her I gave her the best nourishment I could. During these years I rediscovered my passion for cooking delicious and simple homemade meals. I have to say my child has grown up healthy and happy.

After pregnancy, my body took too long to recover and I never regained my original shape and energy levels. I felt that something was wrong. I was always cold, gained weight which I couldn’t lose no matter what I did, had terrible fatigue, dry skin, poor digestion and I also found concentrating very difficult. I was eventually clinically diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition where my immune system attacks my thyroid.

I grew up knowing that nature has all we need and to nature is where we should turn to for help, so I started to look into the power of nutrition as a healing tool. I decided to study naturopathic nutrition to deepen my knowledge and take control of my health. From then on, I started to experiment on myself harnessing the healing power of naturopathic nutritional interventions and adopting a healthy lifestyle. I changed my diet, replaced all grains with nourishing carbohydrates for my body, replaced dairy with coconut milk, made extra efforts to eat a rainbow of vegetables and had mostly homemade meals. I also took up yoga, meditation and allowed myself some time for relaxation.

Today I am successfully managing my health with the knowledge and clinical practice I have acquired, and with my personal experience, feel ready to share it with you. Having Hashimoto’s has led me to specialise in thyroid and autoimmune conditions with a special focus on problems with the gut, digestion, skin and weight management. This journey of discovery has led me to feel that this is where I can fulfil my mission to help others to recover vitality, health and joy.

I have called my company Evviva Nutrition; Evviva means ‘hurrah’ an exclamation of joy, exultation and appreciation. Every day I celebrate the immense power of nutrition and I would be delighted to share this with you and empower you to take control of your health.

Nature is an incredible tool; let me help you use it for a lifetime of good health. Evviva!