July 2017

Keep your energy up

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The life force The concept of a life force is found in most of the ancient cultures of the world. ​ In India, it is called prana; in China, chi; in Japan, ki; for Native Americans, the Great Spirit. For [...]

February 2017

How you eat is important.

Although what you eat is important, how you eat deserves equal attention. Research shows chewing thoroughly and eating slowly helps prevent weight gain, improves digestion, and is less stressful on the body. You want to [...]

The Importance of Sleep

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Sleep is so important to our health; here are some reasons to get enough sleep: Weight: Sleep deprivation can cause weight gain by changing how our body processes and stores carbohydrates and there is an [...]

Eat Your Breakfast

Breakfast is the easiest meal to skip. Mornings are rushed and many people don’t have an appetite when they wake up. Some people even feel nausea in the morning, which suggests a possible blood sugar [...]